2008 Marianne Lettieri | USA

2008 Marianne Lettieri | USA

2008 Marianne Lettieri | USA | Homage to Hannelore Baron | wax, pods, wood | 14 x 11 inches

Origin: 2008 exhibition Under the Influence at the Longview Art Museum

“My mixed media constructions quietly protest a world so fast-paced and confrontational that the enchantment of everyday life is often missed. I work with the articulate and economical imagery of cultural detritus to create art that inspires thoughts about grace, gratitude, and introspection.

The materials that make their way into my assemblages are rich in history and pathos: architectural elements, vintage documents, animal cages, and remnants of domestic arts, toys, and fashion. I will often select an object because of its obvious metaphor or symbol, incorporating its voice as a form of shorthand for social commentary about who we are and how we live.”┬áMarianne Lettieri

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